Zotac GTX 260 AMP! Edition

Overall Score

All settings were maxed out in GRID. The only exception being the 9800GX2. For some reason I had to back off on the MSAA in GRID on the GX2, whereas both GTX’s ran the game fine at maxed out MSAA settings.








Once again in GRID the GPU overclock rules all. CPU overclock yielded little to no gain.


All in all I am thoroughly impressed with Zotac’s GTX 260 AMP! Edition graphics card. It was able to overclock to insane levels while remaining game playable, too. Newegg has this card listed at $289.99 with a mail in rebate that brings it down to $264.99. At that price you get performance that is unbeatable, considering a superb overclock brings this card on parallel with a stock GTX 280.

If you are in the market for an outstanding graphics card, I highly recommend you take a look at Zotac’s GTX 260. With this kind of performance, I’m really looking forward to Zotac’s GTX 260 Core 216 AMP! Edition. That card should give the stock GTX 280 a run for it’s money!

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One Comment on "Zotac GTX 260 AMP! Edition"

  1. Rizhwan November 10, 2015 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    Here’s how I ended up on this page..The throttling shown in FurMark tends to conicide with throttling that occurs while IN GAME, if one of the MSI Talons’ 5 LED power indicator dropping to 3 or 2 and the game running like trash. Such that it’s now easier to just run it out of SLI. Been testing both cards, swapped them around, tried them one at a time, only in SLI!

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