Zotac GTX 260 AMP! Edition

Overall Score

Test bed consisted of an Intel QX9770 @ 3.2GHz and 4GHz for stock on overclocked settings on an Asus Striker II Extreme motherboard with 2GB of OCZ DDR3 1333 RAM. The video cards tested were:

Benchmarks used consisted of Futuremark’s Vantage with performance settings and PPU enabled, 3dmark06 at default settings, Crysis v1.2.1, UT3 and GRID. Windows Vista Ultimate x64 was used along with nvidia’s 177.98 beta drivers.

Enough small talk, let’s see some numbers!

Right off the bat you can see that the Zotac GTX 260 AMP! Edition offers a nice advantage over the stock GTX 260. This card was a tremendous overclocker.

Here you can see that CPU speed had little to do with performance compared to stock clocks.

What really shows the power of this card is when it’s overclocked.

Again, CPU clock does relatively nothing for score, but looking at the following graph shows you just what a high overclock can do.

What can also be taken from the graphs above is that the Zotac card, when overclocked matches the performance of a stock GTX 280.



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One Comment on "Zotac GTX 260 AMP! Edition"

  1. Rizhwan November 10, 2015 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    Here’s how I ended up on this page..The throttling shown in FurMark tends to conicide with throttling that occurs while IN GAME, if one of the MSI Talons’ 5 LED power indicator dropping to 3 or 2 and the game running like trash. Such that it’s now easier to just run it out of SLI. Been testing both cards, swapped them around, tried them one at a time, only in SLI!

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