Zotac GTX 260 AMP! Edition

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You might not have heard about Zotac, but they make some cool video cards.  One of which I have for review today.  I’m not one for pretty story telling when it comes to product reviews. For more information on Zotac and the other products it offers, head on over to their website: www.zotac.com/index.php .

Once again, it’s time to drool.  What we are about to drop spit all over is Zotac’s GTX 260 AMP! Edition.  The AMP! obviously refers to this card as being overclocked.  The factory oc settings are as follows, GPU core clock sits at 650MHz, Shader clock runs in at 1400MHz, and the Memory clock chimes in at 1050MHz.  Stock settings for the GTX 260 are: GPU –> 576MHz, Shaders –> 1242MHz, Memory –> 1000MHz (999MHz depending on where you go).  Ok, enough words! Pictures!








The packaging is a standard size for the GT200 series cards.  What I found interesting is how the card itself was not in an anti-static bag.  It was just sitting in the foam packaging just like in the picutre above.  Well, that didn’t seem to matter, because the card ran fine.

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One Comment on "Zotac GTX 260 AMP! Edition"

  1. Rizhwan November 10, 2015 at 7:46 pm - Reply

    Here’s how I ended up on this page..The throttling shown in FurMark tends to conicide with throttling that occurs while IN GAME, if one of the MSI Talons’ 5 LED power indicator dropping to 3 or 2 and the game running like trash. Such that it’s now easier to just run it out of SLI. Been testing both cards, swapped them around, tried them one at a time, only in SLI!

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