XCPUS puts the HP Mini 1000 netbook to the test

Overall Score


With the introduction of Intel’s Atom processor, netbooks have exploding onto the portable computer scene.  Your typical netbook comes with a 7-10.2 inch screen, no optical drive and an option to choose from an SSD, hard drive or a hybrid storage system.  The later is a newer feature being introduced in the latest netbooks offered by the big name vendors such as HP, Dell and ASUS.  Price range is what really sets these tiny computers apart from their larger bretheren, the laptop/notebook.  You can find a netbook for as little as $240 and some up to $800 or more.

The tiny price on these machines has fueled a very strong following dispite criticism from some in the industry such as Steve Jobs.  Laptops are slowly being replaced with netbooks and more and more people can affoard to buy into the portable computer market because of such a low intro price.  So now the question that comes to mind is what netbook do I go with? Or, what can one expect as far as performance goes?  Well, we recently reviewed the Dell Mini 10 and came impressed with what we found.  Now it is time to see what HP has to offer in the HP Mini 1000.


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