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Which RAID level is right for me?

The answer is…. I don’t know. Each user and each system configuration needs a different level of RAID. You also need to take into consideration how much storage you want and what will you be needing that storage for. So simply, the way to figure out the best RAID is to check the chart above and see which one best fits your needs.

Raptor or RAID? Which is better?

Well, read up first. We have one review in which the Raptor beats the RAID, but another, where the RAID beats the Raptor. So this tells us one thing yet again. It depends.

Cheap RAID Ravages WD Raptor | Tom’s Hardware
WD1500AD Raptor X-Tends Performance Lead | Tom’s Hardware

Q: Will SSD’s (solid state devices) ever make RAID obsolete?

A: Some say yes, some say no. The arguments behind both are valid:

BrentPresley: IMHO, yes.

The only advantage for the next five years that HDD will have over SSD is going to be capacity. As NAND speeds improve, the overall data transfer rates are going to skyrocket. Access time is already a non-comparison.[/quote]

Arisythila: I don’t think so Brent, Because some of us use RAID for other reasons than speed. Even if the hard drives at a TRUE 3GB/sec People will still use RAID.

Why? Data security. now Of course you can back your information up and everything, But you wouldn’t be able to have ZERO downtime. With Raid, a hard drive can crash, you take out the bad hard drive, and toss in the new one, and it will restore the new drive to default, On The Fly.

You have a 500GB SSD drive (say 3 years from now) and you want data integrity, you just perform a nightly backup (say using Acronis TrueImage) to a cheaper media (HDD, optical, etc.). Only in the most data critical situations will you see RAID live on. I.E. the ZERO DT situation you mention.

For desktop users, RAID will disappear from the scene.

SuperFly: Well SSD blows the pants of of traditional mechanical storage in seek times (as well know that) but the STR is holding it back for now

My problem is, with the advent of PMR, SSD is going to have a real tough time replacing traditional mechanical drives in entirety due to the growing space demands in the near future. What I think might happen is that we will see the Raptor’s of the world fall off and get replaced by SSDs if they can pull up the STR performance. Replacing mainstream storage is still a long long way off, the value of SSD is so horrible that even enthusiasts generally balk at the $/GB.

My opinion on the matter? It will for desktop users but the need to back up will never go away.

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Storage Management:

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Cheap RAID Ravages WD Raptor | Tom’s Hardware
WD1500AD Raptor X-Tends Performance Lead | Tom’s Hardware

*Important!* Addendum:

How to Improve Your RAID 5 Write Speeds


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