XCPU LN2 event 2010

Overall Score

With two new Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 motherboards and a 4890 supplied by Gigabyte, two i950’s supplied by Bird Hosting, a set of Dominator GT’s (Kris’ pair), a Decathlon series 700W PUS supplied by SilverStone, and of course some LN2, we set out to find the limits that only LN2 can show.


The limit that we ran into was from using some less than stellar i950’s that capped at a little under 4.9ghz

“Cold-bug” was experienced past -84c.

Benching was done at values around -60c.

The POT we used was made by Kayl from Austrailia.



Kris applying the Art Gum Eraser around the CPU socket


Some guests observing the event from the sidelines, later on they all contributed to the madness.


Mike and Kris working together


Kris finishing the setup


Time to mess with the BIOS


Adding some LN2 to the Starbucks mug

and then to the POT


First boot was accomplished at 4.2ghz and slowly trickled up from there.


It was a lot of fun even if we were unable to get the processors to go any higher.

XCPU would like to thank our Gigabyte US reps, Bird Hosting, SilverStone and some professional overclockers such as Deanzo, Roadrunner and Gunslinger, as well as a few other people quite familiar with the process for attending our LN2 event. Next year we will be coming to CES with another attempt to set some records.


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