Win 7 XP Mode Preview

Overall Score

One of the thing that excites enthusiasts the most about the XP Mode in Windows 7 is the backward compatibility games. While XP was known to be an OS with great backward compatibility, its successor, the Vista, was arguably the worst in that regard.


So how does Windows 7 XP Mode fair in terms of old game compatibility? Well, like we showed you earlier, XP Mode was designed to use as little resources of the main operating system as possible, so all of the devices in the virtual machines are extremely weak.


Again, for reference,



Therefore, much to the horrors of the enthusiast and gamer crowd, the XP Mode is in fact horrible for gaming. At best you can only play games that also use very little resources, such as the Sonic 3.




So if you want to dig out that great game from the distant past, its probably better if you dual boot XP and Windows 7.


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