Vantec SATA/IDE to USB Review

Overall Score

Well I was faced with recovering 40gb of studio session files with seagate on a recent drive failure. Until i remembered that I had a backup that had been erased on an ide drive that was beginning to fail and out of warranty..

Not wanting to unplug my IDE devices and also wanting an external device anyway I decided to try the vantec solution


meh, its a box.


  • transfer rates up to 12mbps with USB 1.1
  • up to 480 with USB 2.2
  • easy storage addition
  • supports up to 500gb
  • ATA/Atapi-7
  • hot swappable pnplay without rebooting.


  • SATA
  • IDE
  • floppy

Above shows the cables included:
SATA data
SATA power molex converter
floppy power molex converter

The disc is about the same size as a floppy disk, If you have ever broken a failed floppy disk in anger due to corruption, then you know how big it is

Native power is supplied via molex.

The power feed cord is removable.

The connection interface is efficiently designed.

Connected and running! The driver installation is easy.With Windows XP auto functions, all you have to do is guide the auto install wizard to the disc, and bam, its done.
I am bad at having stuff in containers, id rather have them at arms length, a quick search through the junk bins in the house turned up a very exciting possibility:

Well now, I think well have one of the few velco mods in exitence to replace drawers and desk clutter.

Pretty sweet deal here.

I used "get data back" for NTFS which took around an hour plus to recover my deleted audio files.
I then transfered them to my 320gb sata perpendicular drive ala seagate in well under and hour. which is pretty sweet for a plug and play device for $20USD with shipping at the egg.

Not being in a real need for speed on a device like this, I am probably a poor judge of extreme speeds as it suits the advertised purpose and my dog could have installed it if he had opposing thumbs.
This device saved me thousands in data recovery costs. I’ll give this one a 9 as there could have been a few trick features like a switch on the power supply to turn it off.


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