UPDATED: RF Remote Control Power Button

Overall Score

All the parts in this build can be purchased online and/or at local retail electronics shops and, aside from the online purchase, I specifically bought all the necessary parts (resistors, relays, transistors) at Radio Shack as this chain is the most pervasive around the country (albiet extremely limited in their choice/supply). The heart and soul of this project resides in the RF transmitter and receiver and the associated encoder/decoder chips. The original plan was to skip the encoder/decoder for costs, but it was soon decided to include these cheap/simple chips as one would not want their computer spontaneously powering up when the neighbors use their garage door opener.


The parts list is as follows

UDPATED: Scowering the web we have found a transmitter and reciever that are cheaper overall, instead of the “RF Remote Kit”, you can also try this parts list for the transmitter/reciever, though by the time shipping is paid twice it may be optimal to simply get the kit.



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