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I remember years ago watching Call for Help and Screensavers on an awesome network called Tech TV. Maybe some of you remember that network, or those shows, before Tech TV was bought out by G4, turning it into the atrocity it is today. Once the merger took place, two of the best shows were permanently gone from G4. 

Leo Laporte, who hosted the shows would continue trying to keep his visions alive. He moved the show to Rogers Media in Canada in hopes of getting it revived for the States. Unfortunately that never happened, but Leo lives on as The Tech Guy for the San Francisco based AM station, KGO. I’ve watched and listened to Leo Laporte for the past six or seven years. He has taught me many things about technology and computers over that time.


Recently, Leo started broadcasting live video podcasts from his home in Petaluma on his new sites, and 


Lucky me then, that I got to meet him in person at nvision 08. I was checking out the mod tables and all the wicked cases when I ran into Colleen. Normally you don’t find too many women that are really into computers, but Colleen sure was.   Here’s me posinga as Leo with his name tag around my neck.


At first, I didn’t know Colleen worked for Leo. I was just interested in her rig and the story behind it. We were talking and she mentioned they were waiting for Leo Laporte to get there. I thought I heard wrong, but she assured me that he was coming to do a live video podcast. Unfortunately, I had to go take care of some other business and I told Colleen I would be back to meet Leo.




After finishing my other work, I revisited Colleen and her rig and got to meet Leo Laporte at last. When I was talking to Colleen earlier I mentioned how similar her setup was to mine. So, right after meeting Leo, he invited me to help them overclock their system on a live video podcast for How could I refuse! Well, I didn’t, and I sat down to get to work.

 The Ultimate Gaming Machine consisted of an Asus Striker II Extreme motherboard, 8GB of Corsair DDR3 1600 memory, two Velociraptors in RAID 0, a killer custom water cooling system, 3 BFG GTX 280’s, a 1200 watt PC Power and Cooling PSU, a Blu Ray ROM drive and a Blu Ray burner, a Scythe fan controller, an Intel QX9770, a Razer Lycosa keyboard, a Microsoft Razer mouse, and a Dell 30” display.




Here you can see Colleen’s moddification for the PSU.  To make room for the water cooling setup, Colleen opted to extend the PSU out of the back of the case.  As you can tell, it worked very well.


The amazing thing is that this is Colleen’s first major build.  It only took her five days to get it put together and up and running!  That really is some dedication!  The UMG isn’t done, either.  Colleen informed me that the case will be shipped to for a wicked chrome paint job on the outside and a heat sensitive paint on the inside.  I will have updated pictures once that is complete.  Alsacorp is an amazing specialty paint and materials company.  I have personally painted my rigs using their exotic paints.  Swing by the webpage to see for your self: 

So, after taking some shots of the rig, I sat down with Colleen and began overclocking the UMG.  In the end, we were able to get it up to a pretty stable 4.4GHz.  After running 3dmark Vantage we hit a mark of almost P23,000!  Colleen was excited to see it hit that high and she wanted to see what the PhysX drivers do to the score.  After downloading and installing the latest PhysX drivers, we posted a score of P27520!   Personally, this is what ultimate gaming machines are made of, benchmark crushing hardware!  Colleen’s selection of components was right on the money, especially since most of them can be found in my own ultimate gaming machine.

Meeting Leo Laporte and hanging out with Colleen and the Ultimate Gaming Machine was a dream come true.  Not only did I get to meet a legend in the tech world, but I got to do what I love in front of a live audience!  My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to Leo, Colleen, and  Check out Leo live on!

Oh, and after a long days work, there’s nothing like double fisting a couple of BAWLS!





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