Thermaltake unleashes it’s Level 10 high end case at Compute

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In conjunction with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, Thermaltake took the mask off their "hush hush" Level 10 chassis. You may have seen pictures of the beast from CEBIT, but Xtreme CPU gives you the first look at the internal layout.

The Level 10 case focuses on an architectual aesthetic design which utilizes compartmenatlized sections in the overall look and feel giving each section of the computer its own "box". The vertical structure of the case acts as a heatsink helping to cool the components. Each compartment houses a piece of hardware used in building a computer. The power supply is in its very own "box" separating it from the rest of the pc. The motherboard, which includes the CPU, gpu and memory is in another "box". This radical look is much different than the sometimes plain housing we are used to building our systems.

[timg]IMG_1733.JPG[/timg] [timg]IMG_1737.JPG[/timg] [timg]IMG_1736.JPG[/timg]

Each hard drive has its very own space along the front of the case. Two small 80mm fans located inbetween the first and second and second and third hard drive bays provides adequate cooling for all hard drives in the specialized rack. The optical drive bays are located in the front top section of the Level 10 case and housed in a "box" by themselves.

Wiring is hidden behind the motherboard tray and all throughout the vertical structure/heatsink. Thermaltake had a fully functional system up and running. The case was cool to the touch and very quiet. We lifted the case to check out how heavy it was and being all aluminum, it was quite heavy. The chasis seemed very sturdy.

With a look that would fit right in with an upscale New York apartment, the Level 10 case is certainly new and well thought out. A release date is set for the July-August time frame with a price around $600-$700. Look for a review from Xtreme CPU on the Level 10 case at the time of release.




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