Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775w

7.5 Overall Score

5 Year Warranty, Modular Cabling, 80 Plus Bronze Efficiency Rating, Good Voltage Regulation and Ripple Characteristics, Reasonable Price

Sleeving Does not extend into the PSU casing, Some Teapo Brand Taiwanese Capacitors


The XT 775w’s exterior is a gunmetal gray color, and has a textured finish, which should make it resistant to scratches. Toughpower indeed.



From this shot, we can see the modular connectors. As is stated on the label, the red connectors are for the PCIe, while the black are for molex and SATA power connectors. Eight cables are included, and there are eight ports, one for each. We can also see the sleeving on the ATX connector and ATX12v connectors. As seems to be the trend, the sleeving does not go all the way into the PSU casing. While this does not affect performance, it would look a bit cleaner if it did.



On one side of the PSU, there is a large label proclaiming the PSU’s model and make. Also visible are those “S.P.T. Indicators” that were mentioned on the outside of the box. Basically, these three LEDs show the basic status of the PSU. One shows that the AC power is connected and the power switch is on. Another shows the status of the “Power Good” signal from the motherboard. (Is the PSU on?) And the third shows the temperature status. Could be useful someday. But enough of that, let’s open it up.



Not surprisingly, inside we see a Thermaltake branded fan. It is 14 CM in diameter, and has seven blades. During testing, we determined that this fan is fairly quiet during normal operation, only going to full speed after being pushed to the limit. The fan controller in the PSU also has the “FanDelayCool” function, which keeps the PSU fan running for a while after the unit is shut off so that the internal components cool properly and last longer.



For those who read a lot of PSU reviews, it is obvious to see who manufactured this PSU- It was Channel Well Technology (CWT). For those who don’t know a lot about PSUs: it is common for companies who sell PSUs to get them built by an outside source. Corsair and Silverstone, among others, do this. CWT is a well known, and very reputable PSU maker. We expect nothing but good results and reliability.



The heatsinks inside the unit are made of aluminum, and should work well to keep the PSU internals cooled properly.



The Thermaltake XT 775w has one primary capacitor- a very large Nippon Chemicon. Nippon Chemicon is a highly regarded Japanese brand of capacitor.



Along with the Nippon Chemicon primary capacitor and a few solid capacitors, we also have a few other capacitors from a Taiwanese manufacturer- Teapo. Teapo is a midrange capacitor supplier that should work fine. However, it would have been better if Thermaltake had instead stuck to all Japanese capacitors.


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