Thermaltake Toughpower XT 775w

7.5 Overall Score

5 Year Warranty, Modular Cabling, 80 Plus Bronze Efficiency Rating, Good Voltage Regulation and Ripple Characteristics, Reasonable Price

Sleeving Does not extend into the PSU casing, Some Teapo Brand Taiwanese Capacitors

The Thermaltake XT 775w comes in a standard sized PSU box. So standard in fact that that red label saying ‘775w’ is actually a separate piece that comes off after the plastic wrap shroud is removed from the box. It appears that Thermaltake is using this same box for more than one Thermaltake XT model.



The back of the box is covered in all sorts of pertinent information. Particularly notable is that the unit uses Japanese capacitors, has a single 12v rail, and features Thermaltake’s “S.P.T. Indicator.” We’ll go into that more later.



Opening the box, we can see that the power supply is securely nestled in a foam cradle. It’s also wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap. It should be well protected from shipping abuse.



Delving further, we can see that there are two smaller containers inside. One is cardboard, and not surprisingly, contains the power cord. The other is a small cloth bag to hold the extra modular cables while not in use. Very convenient.



Opening up those containers, we see just what we expected- power cords and modular cables. Also included are screws to mount the unit, and some Thermaltake branded Velcro ties- a nice touch.


Connectors included are as follows:

  • One 24 Pin ATX connector
  • One 4+4 (8 Pin) ATX 12v connector
  • One 8 Pin ATX 12v connector
  • Six 4 Pin Molex connectors
  • Eight SATA power connectors
  • One Floppy power connector
  • Two 6+2 (8 Pin) PCIe power connectors
  • Two 6 Pin PCIe power connectors

Cable Lengths can be found in this image which was taken from the Thermaltake Website:


This selection should be more than adequate for the above-average enthusiast. Four PCIe power connectors should be good for supporting up to two high end video cards. One area of caution is the Floppy power connector. Not many people use floppies anymore, but there are an abundance of devices that still use this connector to receive power. Keep in mind that if you need more than one, you will need to get an adapter.


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