Thermal Interface Material Review Pt. 1

Overall Score

All thermal interface goops:
Intel X6800 @2.93GHz

Simulated Intel TIM Tests:

Special thanks goes to Mondoman, please read his full results here.

The Scores:
1st place: Masscool Shin-Etsu x23
2nd place: AS Ceramique
3rd place: Frozen CPU copper
4th place: Coolab. Liquid Pro
5th place: Zalman ZM-STG1
6th place: AS 5
7th place: Intel Stock TIM

The type of thermal grease you use does make quite the difference, even giving temperature differences of up to 5C at best. That’s quite a drop. And as can be clearly seen, the Shin-Etsu x23 (which incidentally is hard as hell to find) beats the silver based TIM’s like Arctic Silver 5, and is given proper competition by the other silicon goops. Add in the effect of a proper lap, and you could experience temps of up to 7C lower.

So you see, spend a little bit more in time and money when shopping for your next overclocking build, and you could just save valuable degrees.

Note: Shin-Etsu can now be found
Chillblast :: Thermal Paste :: Shin-Etsu X23-7783D
Shin Etsu X23-7783D Thermal Grease (1 gm syringe)
Shin-Etsu X23-7762 Thermal Compound 1 Gram: CrazyPC Computers
Water-Cooling Shop : Shin Etsu X23-7762 0.5g



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