The Coolermaster Sphere

8.0 Overall Score
Innovation: 8/10
Performance: 7/10
Quality: 9/10


I used the Intel LGA775 bracketing kit for this review since I’ll be testing on the Core 2 Duo. The two brackets are screwed to the base of the heatsink. At the end of the brackets a screw and rubber washer are installed. If you are the kind that isn’t the type to read directions, then, in all likelihood, you’ll have a hard time installing the screws. They are threaded backwards. This though is a smart idea because when you are installing the heatsink, most people don’t have a screwdriver that can get onto these screws to hold them in place while you install the nuts.

Installation on the motherboard is just as simple provided the motherboard is removed. As a matter of fact, because it doesn’t use the flimsy push pin design, you will need to remove the board. This is the case with most other larger format style cooler, so I’d recommend you get used to the idea of doing this.

Clearance doesn’t seem to be an issue unless you have a mATX board, where there will be trouble clearing the first row of DIMMs, or unless you have an oversize northbridge cooler like that of some 680i boards or on the older 975X. It fits comfortably in both my P965 DQ6 and also the P35 version as well.


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