The Coolermaster Sphere

8.0 Overall Score
Innovation: 8/10
Performance: 7/10
Quality: 9/10

Packaging and Contents

The CM Sphere comes packaged in the standard plastic shell in a very stylish black box.

The plastic bubble pack is very similar to the one that Intel uses for its heatsink.

Inside the plastic pack you will find everything you need to install the CM Sphere onto your CPU.


All of the hardware you need is also included. The brackets, backing plates, screws, washers and nuts needed to set the Sphere in any LGA775, Socket AM2 or 939 board you wish. As an added bonus, Coolermaster even includes a Arctic Silver type thermal grease.

The CM Sphere is an all copper heatsink. There are 4 heatpipes that wrap through copper fins and around the vortex style fan.

The fan is a 66mm by 68mm design that rotates at 2200RPM. Because of this low fan speed the noise is only 22dBA which to put into a human perspective is about the sound of a soft whisper or rustling leaves. Quite quiet indeed.

The base is just a copper block where the four heatpipes attach. Its not a mirror finish, but for the average overclocker, a mirror finish is actually disadvantageous. What is important is that the copper base is almost perfectly flat, with no concave or convex curve.


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