Supermicro X8SIL-F/X8SIL Small Office/ Home Office Server

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IPMI, or Intelligent Platform Management Interface, is tool that allows administrators to access low-level settings, such as BIOS settings, and the actual desktop environment of a remote machine. IPMI is generally available as an add-in card priced around $150 in addition to the cost of the rest of the system. Supermicro’s X8SIL-F mATX motherboard offers the Winbond WPCM450 Server BMC w/ IPMI 2.0 chip integrated. The X8SIL-F retails for around $200.

Accessing the remote machine is done through a web browser. The login screen is straighforward. After getting access into the remote machine, you are able to view settings such as Sensor Readings. Here you can monitor the system voltages and temperatures.

Under the Options -> Configurations section you have a huge list of different settings you can view, configure or change. You are literally given full control over every system setting as if you where sitting in front of the machine. It is worth noting that, through the IPMI, you are able to mount .iso image files remotely.

As you can see in the images above, you can login, shut down and enter the BIOS as if you were sitting in front of the Workstation. As long as power is provided to the system, you have every option you can think of available no matter how far away you are.


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