Supermicro Microcloud

10 Overall Score

Compact | Efficient | Practical


The box was a bit torn up during shipping. Supermicro is notorious for double boxing ALL of their equipment that we’ve received, and this is the perfect reason why. Thanks Supermicro!


Boxed and padded very nicely.


Box on top contains 2 power cables, a back server cover, zip ties, screws for hard drives caddies, and the special cable for the video connector.


Each one of the heat sinks are individually boxed. They are matched to fit the chassis, and the mainboard.

RAM, HDDs, and CPUs aside, everything you NEED to run is in this one box.

Uboxed, it is a very simple and elegant design. 16 x 3.5″ drive bays upfront.

The drive caddies included with the MicroCloud are a slightly different model from the other chassis we’ve used and reviewed.

Front power switch, and indicator lights for each of the 8 nodes.

Back of the MicroCloud is also very simple and clean in design. The two power supplies are on opposite sides of the chassis, and for power cable routing, we prefer this design.

Close up of the nodes.

Power Supplies are hot swappable. Very easy to remove and replace if needed.

Blades are also hot swappable and easy to remove and replace if needed.

Profile of the a server node itself. Processor and Memory and you can rock and roll.

PCI Express 8x expansion slot on every node of the Microcloud Very handy for adding in a Low Profile network card, or external SAS expander.

Not the best picture, but this appears to be the networking card. It appears to be a proprietary slot that it fits into. Maybe we will see some different network cards maybe a dual 10G adapter.

Close up of the Low Profile PCI-Express slot, Video/USB/Serial on the lower left hand corner, and the IPMI Port.

Right hand side we have the dual 1GB Ethernet connections. Top is Ethernet 1, and Lower is Ethernet 0


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2 Comments on "Supermicro Microcloud"

  1. Ted December 26, 2011 at 4:22 am - Reply

    Nice review of quite an exotic system. I’ve added the RSS feed to keep updated on the future comparisons, but the last entry was in Sept. Might want to update that.

  2. exa byte January 3, 2012 at 6:40 am - Reply

    16 sled variant would be awesome

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