Supermicro Microcloud AS-3012MA-H12TRF 12-nodes

9.5 Overall Score

Compact | Practical | Power Efficient | Customizable

Front face IO ports | tons of RJ45 Ports

Power Consumption

This is the second review that we were able to get wattage numbers from each node. I want to mention just having this thing plugged into the wall, pulls about 48.3 watts. 6 of these nodes had HE processors, while the other 6 had much faster processors. We averaged out 6 running nodes using the HE processors and only the HE processors. We did the same for the 6 – Opteron 3380 Processors. We pulled the 6 blades just to make sure IPMI would not skew the results. Now I believe that if we had a full system of one or the other processors per machine wattage would go down. There seems to be some overhead with just running the 6 system, I think we would see more efficiency with all 6 nodes, also if we moved to 208v power. We would also see a decrease in these numbers.

So just to make this make sense. We had 6 Machines with Opteron 3350 HE’s and 6 Machines with the Opteron 3380’s. We then halved those. Loading CentOS 6 64-bit, and Windows 2012 Standard. With that configuration. We saw all 12 nodes pulling a little over 600w of power. At load we saw that peak just slightly over 900w of power.


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