Supermicro Microcloud AS-3012MA-H12TRF 12-nodes

9.5 Overall Score

Compact | Practical | Power Efficient | Customizable

Front face IO ports | tons of RJ45 Ports

Testing Methods

These test are going to include a few of what I would consider server based testing. I am not really going to be testing hard drives at all. This system has only SATA2.0 (3Gb/sec). This will only allow you to do about 280mbyte/sec. So expect to see some performance loss if you go with the newer SSD’s.

The processors I have to test with are the following:

  • AMD Opteron 3350 HE
  • AMD Opteron 3380

The memory setup, and the amount of hard drives in each node will be the same. 32GB of memory, and 2 500GB hard drives.

We will be testing with Sandra, Unixbench, Passmark, Cinebench R10, and R11.5 for these tests. We will also be using Windows Server 2012 and CentOS 6.4 with everything up to date as of 8/27/2013. We will not be using any 32-bit operating systems at all.


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