Supermicro Microcloud AS-3012MA-H12TRF 12-nodes

9.5 Overall Score

Compact | Practical | Power Efficient | Customizable

Front face IO ports | tons of RJ45 Ports



This system comes on a cardboard pallet. It is extremely heavy and more than likely needs to come in on a pallet.



System that we tested the Supermicro AS-3012MA-H12TRF


Unwrapped, exposing how it comes. Nothing is really tapped on this; the black straps keep the top cover on.


Exposing the rails. These are VERY burly rails.


Exposing the actual system, Very well padded in there.


Two accessory boxes.


Power lifted it up to my table. 6 nodes on each side and 2 power supplies in the middle.


One of the blades. Has 2 2.5 inch drives in it, capable of handling 4 2.5 inch drives. or 2 3.5 inch drives.


Backplane adapter. Very simple compared to the 8-node MicroCloud or any of the Twin2u line.


Better shot of the hard drives.


4 Sticks of memory, each 8GB sticks Hynix HMT41GE7MFR8C-PB’s These are low profile memory sticks. It appears that you cannot run taller memory sticks in this.


Power connectors for the drives, and the main system power.


Front end of the system, I’ve removed the network card from it.


Nuvoton IPMI chip.


Intel NHI350AM2 (Intel I350-AM2) Here


Another shot of the entire card Supermicro AOC-CGP-i2M, This is a 2 port card, I’m hoping we can see a 4 port card come out soon.


Bare mainboard. No processors, memory, or network card.


Shot of the AMD Socket AM3b.


AMD Opteron OS3350HOW4KHK (Opteron 3350)


This is what the 3.5 inch drive setup looks like, You can only do 2 drives per blade if you want to run 3.5 inch drives.


Everything installed here. Nice tidy and compact.


Rear end of this. During out testing with the Dell 12 node unit, I see something that I like here opposed to the Dell Unit.


Removable backend fans. Hot swappable. This was a huge flaw with the Dell units. If you wanted or needed to replace the fans. You HAD to power down the entire system, or have very long cables.

_MG_4638 _MG_4639 _MG_4640 _MG_4641 _MG_4642 _MG_4643

This is a 80 Plus PLATINUM power supply. Very efficient power supplies.


Cable for Video/Keyboard/Mouse/Serial


Proprietary plug for these units. Because they are so compact, you cannot really get as much stuff on the systems themselves.


Other end of the adapter. VGA port, 2 USP ports, and 1 Serial port RS-232.


Example of how it plugs in to each node.


Included in the other box is 2 Power cables, bag of M/B screws, Rail screws, and a black out plate.


Better picture of the blackout plate.


M/B screws and Rail screws.


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