Supermicro MicroCloud 5037MR-H8TRF

10 Overall Score

Powerful | Compact | Efficient | Practical

A lot of heat in a small area


We’ve done a lot of testing with these units including the first MicroCloud.  The original was a very good unit,  but we’ve already had to replace a blade.  This unit seems to be a bit more… refined to say the least.  The IPMI seems to be more snappy, and the unit itself is a lot quicker.  So I guess the main question you need to take away from this is, is it worth it?  Does it make sense to get one of these opposed to other units?  I can’t tell you what you need,  but what I can tell you is if the specification meet your needs,  this unit is great.

This socket 2011 machine really packs a punch when it comes down to it.  It supports any of the E5 2011 processors,  high watt,  low watt, which is a huge plus over other brands.  Some of the other brands that we tested would only support 65w processors, or 75w processors.  This unit will support 130w processors which is absolutely awesome.

The socket 2011 works off quad channel memory, and this only has 4 memory slots per “blade”, with that being said, each one of our nodes had 64GB of memory in them.  It is possible to get 32GB sticks which would bump this up to 128GB per node.

Overall,  this was a very nice unit.  Flexibility is huge in the hosting industry, and this offers a massive amount of flexibility.  From the LP PCI-E slot to the possibilities of having different Ethernet ports.  This chassis is a tad bit more expensive than the Sandy Bridge version at around 4400.00 plus shipping.  The unit we reviewed weighed about 100 lbs in all.  That’s quite a bit of weight for 3 rack units of space.

One thing to keep in mind:  if your running some cloud infrastructure,  it may require that you use more than the 2 1GB ports.  When we deployed a cloud infrastructure, we had to go with a 4 Port 1GB Network Interface Card.  That’s 7  Cat5 or Cat6 cables per “blade” with 56 cables in 3 RU of space.

I would like to thank Supermicro for allowing us to review this unit.  Another great product by Supermicro.  Keep up the good work!

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