Supermicro MicroCloud 5037MR-H8TRF

10 Overall Score

Powerful | Compact | Efficient | Practical

A lot of heat in a small area

Supermicro has really been pushing the limits and boundaries of computing.  We are very proud that they’ve chosen us again to review one of their new MicroClouds.  If you remember our previous review here, we did a complete write up of the entire chassis, its features, how easy it is to start building your own servers, and most importantly, save money.  That honestly really seems where Supermicro comes out ahead. I’ve been in the hosting business going on almost 18 years.  Supermicro just seems to be VERY consistent,  keeping simplicity in mind.  There seems to be no gotchas.

With that being said,  we will be reviewing their new Socket 2011 system (5037MR-H8TRF).  This system is very similar to the Sandy bridge unit we reviewed.  It comes with 16 3.5 inch drives in the front. 8 compute nodes in the rear, and 2 1620w power supplies(80 Plus Platinum).

The setup that we have right now is setup the following.

  • 4 x Xeon E5-2640’s, 2 x Xeon E5-2640’s, and 2 x Xeon E5-2670’s
  • 32 x 16GB sticks of memory (Hynix HMT42GR7MFR4C-PB)
  • 16 x 500GB Western Ditital RE4’s (WD5003ABYX)
  • Supermicro MicroCloud 5037MR-H8TRF Chassis

We will do a complete unboxing of this.  The nodes came prebuilt from Supermicro with basic components that anybody can obtain.


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