Supermicro 2U Twin2 6026TT-HIBQRF

10 Overall Score

Miscellaneous benchmarks

We are going to be running some desktop benchmarks along with this. We know there are some people who may use this for a different reason than some would use this for. We are going to focus on graphics and overall performance of the machine.

Task manager of the dual L5530.

CPU-Z screen shot.

On Cinebench R10 we were able to achieve a 6 times speed increase from single thread to multi threaded.

We also thought it would be good to run R11.5 since its a new benchmark, but we wanted to be able to compare the old R10 edition. As you can see from this, there is a 9.65 speed increase from singlethreaded to multi threaded. In the first picture we wanted to show that you can see each thread (box) rendering one by one.

Notice how the numbers don’t really add up here. From previous tests on Core i7 920’s and such, we were able to achieve a bit more. We do not think that Everest can take advantage of all of the memory bandwidth.

Sandra CPU tests. Processor is reporting in at 100 GFLOPS.

It appears that Sandra can pick up memory bandwidth a bit better than Everest. Clocking in at 31.2GB/sec.

We were pretty excited to see how it did with some of the image rendering benchmarks. However, during our tests CPU never got above 4 Threads of load. So naturally we were only using 4 of the 16 threads. Thats why in most of these tests the 920 is faster because it’s running 2.66GHz instead of stock clock of the L5530 at 2.4GHz


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One Comment on "Supermicro 2U Twin2 6026TT-HIBQRF"

  1. Gerardo September 16, 2012 at 10:45 am - Reply

    Great review, would love to see the images as none are showing up on the post.

    We are actually looking at these units as our next purchase.

    Thanks again for the detailed review.

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