Supermicro 2U Twin2 6026TT-HIBQRF

10 Overall Score

UnixBench Benchmark

We’ve had a really nice time getting to know the Supermicro 2U Twin2 6026TT-HIBQRF. We can guess what you’re thinking. It sounds good, but how does it perform? Let’s take a look at how the 6026TT-HIBQRF performs.

We’re going to start with Unix based Benchmarking. During UnixBench we ran tests on all 4 machines at the same time. Added the nodes together to get final results.

This is the overall score that Unix bench gives you. We tested in 1066MHz memory mode, then in 1333MHz memory mode. You can see on the single node multi threaded test and single threaded test, results went from 771 (1066MHz) to 1022 (1333MHz), and Multi Threaded 3873(1066MHz) to 4699 (1333MHz). This is overall a 25% increase in performance for single threaded apps, and a 17% increase for multi threaded applications.

Here are Dhrystone 2 tests from the same benchmark. First two benchmarks are single threaded, the last 2 are multi threaded using all 16 threads. Dhrystone is an integer based benchmark.


Whetstone is Floating Point Unit (FPU) based.

Execl Throughput

This pretty much sums up the Unix based Benchmarks You will notice in most of these benchmarks the speed increase you get from just upping memory speed from 1066 to 1333. If you have a little extra dough to spend on memory. We would defiantly recommend getting the faster memory just for that one reason.


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One Comment on "Supermicro 2U Twin2 6026TT-HIBQRF"

  1. Gerardo September 16, 2012 at 10:45 am - Reply

    Great review, would love to see the images as none are showing up on the post.

    We are actually looking at these units as our next purchase.

    Thanks again for the detailed review.

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