Silverstone TJ09 Dreadnought

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There can be only one case when it comes to me choosing a chasis for a build. And that case has to be a Silverstone TJ09, which can be found here:


 This full tower case offers everything you need to build your ultimate rig. It offers and enormous amount of space to put all your hardware goodies inside. The TJ09 features a 5mm thick front panel with 2mm thick aluminum covering the rest of the body. All of that aluminum gives you a super sturdy case with an elegant and simple appearance. 
The standard look and feel of the TJ09 is wonderful. But, as a modder, wonderful doesn’t cut it. 
For this case, I’m going to use an exotic paint from my favorite exotic paint and materials company, Alsacorp. You may notice that’s UGM will also be painted using Alsacorp’s amazing paint. Check the UGM here:
The specific paint I’m going to use is called Mystic Crazer. It gives you a marble finish similar to one you might see on a bowling ball.

The first thing I had to do was strip the entire case of it’s previous paint job.  I had the help of some of mother nature’s pests.  Look closely and you’ll see the little bugger!


Once the paint was stripped, I sanded all the pieces with 400 grit sandpaper, including the anodized aluminum.  After sanding I washed all the parts with soap and water, dried it all out and began applying the primer.  The primer I used is a self etching primer that works great on anodized aluminum.  You can find it in most auto parts stores.  You’ve always got to make sure you tape off the areas you don’t want touched!


Once all the pieces were painted with primer, I could start putting the case back together.  In these pictures you’ll see the frame already painted with the self etching primer, a base coat and a clear top coat for a total of about 6 coats (each one done twice).










Here I continued on with the tedious task of painting.  Once the primer was sanded with 400 and 800 grit sandpaper, I chose to apply Duplicolor’s Mirage paint.  This paint changes from blue to red (mostly looks purple) depending on the lighting conditions.  The mirage paint consists of a black base paint, followed by the Mirage paint.  You are then supposed to use a clearcoat, but since I’m not done painting, I didn’t use it.


I started adding the guts back into the case because they would not be touched by the final top coats.







Finally, I can get to the last few coats!  Alsacorp’s Mystic Crazer is available in a specialy designed aresol can.  A Killer Can, as they call it, will run you $39.99 plus shipping.  The price is worth, though, as you will see. 

The paint takes some getting used to, but it’s real easy to apply.  You simply spray in very small areas, dab the freshly sprayed paint immediately with a crumpled piece of suran wrap, and you’re done!  It dries rather quick, so you have to be just as quick.  The suran wrap gives you the marble like finish.  Check it out for yourself!





Last but certainly not least is what’s crammed in this beast.  Under the hood you’ve got an Asus Striker II Extreme, a QX9770, 2GB of OCZ DDR3 1600 memory, 3 eVGA GTX 280’s, 3x 74GB raptors in raid 0, and a Plextor SATA DVD burner.  Cooling is provided by a 360mm radiator with Scythe fans, a 240mm radiator with Scythe fans, a Silverstone bay changer with a single intake fan, a new Swiftech GTZ CPU water block ( I know the pics show a D-tek FuZion v2, updates to come), a Swiftech MicroRes, and a Hydor Seltz L45 pump pushing out up to 950GPH!  The GTX 280’s are being update with water blocks with pictures to come soon!







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