Silverstone SG05 mini ITX system review

9.3 Overall Score
Build Quality: 10/10
Layout: 9/10
Price: 9/10

Tiny case packs a punch!

No room for expansion.


In our last small system review, we took a look at Silverstone’s SG03 SFF case.  While it was amazing that we could fit so much hardware in such a small place, the SG03 was limited in CPU overclocking and water cooling capabilities.  Today, we put the SG05 mini ITX case up on the chopping block.

The mini ITX standard shrinks the size of a complete system to about half of the SG03 case.  Thanks to Silverstone, we were able to pair the SG05 with a slim drive Blu Ray player or a slot loading slim drive DVD/RW optical drive.  Together with a Zotac GF9300-WiFi s775 motherboard and an E7400 processor from Intel, we have a powerful, small and energy efficient home theater system.

Xtreme CPU has spent the last few weeks with the SG05 mini ITX system.  Our goal was not to throw up a quick review of the case, but to experience what this type of system has to offer.  High Definition content is becoming increasingly more available to all income levels.  So, with HD in more and more homes, it makes more sense to have a home theater personal computer.  The mini ITX form factor allows the end user to fit very respectable hardware in a tiny footprint.  The advances in smaller size and more powerful hardware open up a multitude of opportunities.  Large hard drives give  you more room for your music and movies.  HDMI is standard on most new motherboards and graphics cards.  Blu Ray has picked up steam and is slowly replacing DVD’s.

The price of Blu Ray has come down as well.  So, what this leaves the end user with is a few choices.  You could buy a Blu Ray player.  You could buy a new desktop computer for the family.  But why not do both in one machine?  With companies like Silverstone offering high quality cases in every form factor the consumer is left empowered to do what they want.

After reading our review of the Silverstone SG05 mini ITX system, we think you will be surprised with what you can do in such a small space.  Of course, as with everything out in the real world, all is not perfect.  There are some drawbacks with certain hardware you choose to use in the SG05.  Read on and see what Xtreme CPU experienced with this tiny HTPC!


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