Silverstone FT02, Fortress 2 Premium Case

Overall Score

We first saw the Fortess 2 at CES in 2009. Back then we were impressed with the new design. It took some time for the FT-02 to make it to the market, but now that it is available, we can say that it is worth your time and consideration as a case that will last years and years through builds upon builds. Let us start by taking a look at the packaging and case.

A classic case deserves classic packaging. The Fortress 2 is boxed up in style. Silverstone kept the visual styling of the FT-02 packaging subtle yet informative and eye-catching. This box is taller than most others in the FT-02’s market. If you have seen the Raven 2 box, this is the same size and shape.

The new Fortress 2 case has sleek, smooth lines with soft round edges. The unibody design gives the case a very strong structural base. As you may have noticed, the FT02 is similar in dimensions to the Raven 2. Both cases are shorter than normal mid-tower cases while being stretched longer to improve space inside. The Fortress 2 is a tiny bit taller than the Raven 2 due to the different base used in construction. The chassis is constructed of an aluminum unibody frame and has a steel body.

The I/O panel is hidden on top of the case near the front by a small sliding door. The FT02 comes in silver and black and with or without a window. You get an abundant supply of optical drive bays(5), and the case comes fitted with removeable fan filters as seen on the PSU intake.

Popping the side panels off reveals a spacious and well designed interior. Three 180mm fans occupy the bottom of the Fortress 2 while a single 120mm fan pulls air through the top of the case. Looking at the backside of the chasis we can see Silverstone’s cable management system which is similar to the Raven 2. Inside the front end there is space for 6 hard drives. One hotswap backplane is included while the others remain optional. We prefer the setup of the hard drive bays in the Fortress 2 to the Raven 2.

The top of the case with the paneling removed is identical to the Raven 2. Looking at the backside of the panels we can see that Silverstone has included sound insulation in the Fortress 2. This is a nice touch and offers a much quieter experience.

The improvements in the design of the Fortress 2 over the Raven 2 are much appreciated. Of course, this case is in a different class than the RV02, but both share the same internal layout with the exception of the HDD bays. The clean cut lines of the new Fortress case offer users a more traditional looking Silverstone case, but include all of their latest technologies carried over from previous generations of cases.


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