Silverstone FT02, Fortress 2 Premium Case

Overall Score

Silverstone has always been known for classic, stylish case designs.  Recently, they gave one product line a bolder look that appeals to the gaming PC community.  That line of cases came in the form of the Raven and Raven 2.  Not all PC enthusiasts want a  case designed after a stealth fighter, so Silverstone added a new contender in its Fortress line, the FT-02.  The Fortress 2 carries on the tradition started by the Temjin 7 of a unibody design.  The unibody design provides one seamless piece of metal that adds strenght and stability to Silverstone’s case designs.

The original Fortress case was a huge success for Silverstone.  It was a sleek design that offered stylish lines for a mid-tower case.  The use of positive case pressure gave it great cooling power with the included dual 180mm fans.  The Fortress carries on with the stylish lines but incorporates Silverstones newer design ideas.

We have always been fans of Silverstone’s quality cases.  Some unique, some not so great, but overall, the cases we have tested have been high quality units.  Read on to see if the new Fortress 2 is a winner or a dud…


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