Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB

Overall Score

Our VMWare Startup test consists of us testing the time it takes to start XP in a VM and wait for VMWare Tools to finish loading (so the VM is going from completely shut-down state to having most services loaded and being 100% ready to use). To make the test a bit more interesting we decided to use a slightly more “bloated” install of XP that has been in use for a while and has some applications installed (in our previous test we used a “clean” XP install). The shutdown test is time taken from pressing the “shutdown” button to the virtual machine being 100% powered off.

Our file copy test was conducted using our file copy utility (developed in-house) to gauge real-world performance. It takes a specified file (we use a 1.5GB file for our tests) and copies it to the same folder and outputs performance information. This test is good not only because it offers a look at real-world performance, but since we’re copying data in the same folder on the same drive it’s a good look at the sum of each drive’s read/write/seek performance.

We weren’t expecting the XP boot performance to be so bad on the 7200.12 500GB drive, but due to the fact that seek time is everything on XP boot it makes a lot of sense. This chart maps pretty closely (with the ratios being somewhat off due to other factors) to the HD Tune Access Time chart.

The shutdown performance on these drives is somewhat puzzling.

The file copy performance is about what you would expect based on the synthetic benchmark results. Seek time hurts the 500GB drive a bit, but performance is acceptable.


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