Cooler Master’s CM Storm Enforcer Mid-Tower Chassis

8.7 Overall Score
Build Quality: 7/10
Case Design: 9/10
Price: 10/10

Good price, excellent layout and all black color scheme with USB 3.0 support

The door is a bit flimsy

Choosing a case is a very personal matter. We cannot say that you need to go out and buy this case because we would not be 100% objective. You make a decision to buy a case on multiple factors: looks, price, quality, company, etc.. With that being said, we can offer our thoughts on those factors and our hope is that will help you decide on this case or another.

Looks(case layout and design): The CM Storm Enforcer is designed with gamers in mind. The military styling is reminiscent of the first person shooters many gamers play. The bulging lines, the angled front I/O panel and all black matte paint job easily fit it in a world like Crysis 2 or Black Ops. A PC gamer would find this case affordable and a good visual fit for his or her room. Even casual gamers or non-gamers may find that they like the all black look and excellent price. The layout of the inside of this case is excellent. The tool-less installation of HDD’s and Optical drives is a welcomed inclusion, as well as the ability to rotate the 4-bay HDD cage.

Price: The Enforcer is listed at $89.99, but can be found cheaper on sites like . This is a very affordable case from a company that has been building computer chassis’ for more than a decade. The question is: Is it worth the price?

Quality: If we take the price tag of ~$90 into consideration, along with the quality of products used to manufacture the Enforcer, can we recommend it to the end user? There are obvious costs associated in producing a computer case like engineering, designing, marketing. So, if looking at the build quality and taking in those considerations, plus competition from other case manufacturers, we would like to see the Enforcer listed for at least $10 cheaper. Our reasoning is based on the flimsy front door which feels cheaper than it should. The steel used in manufacturing this case is typical for its price range. We also need to see thumb screws used in places like the back side panel and the expansion slots. Other competing cases in this price range include such commodities, so it does not seem much to ask.

Lastly, we are talking about Cooler Master, a company that has been a leader in case manufacturing for the past 10 years. They know how to design a case and price it at a reasonable cost. CM also takes what reviewers and users say about their products, whether good or bad, and builds upon them to improve future products. We always look forward to the next great case coming from Cooler Master. What we can say, definitively, about the Enforcer is that it works well at the price point set. If you like the looks of it and are used to Cooler Master cases, you will not be disappointed in this chassis. With a few minor details that can be addressed, the Storm Enforcer is still a solid base for your next computer build. We must also mention that there are other cases at this price point that might suit your needs more. Antec, Silverstone and Thermaltake all make competing products. Again, personal preference and sometimes company preference play factors in your decision in the end. We hope you enjoyed the review!

Many thanks go to Cooler Master for providing us with the Enforcer for this review.

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