Cooler Master’s CM Storm Enforcer Mid-Tower Chassis

8.7 Overall Score
Build Quality: 7/10
Case Design: 9/10
Price: 10/10

Good price, excellent layout and all black color scheme with USB 3.0 support

The door is a bit flimsy

The CM Storm Enforcer, as is with all CM Storm products, comes in a highly decorated and very eye-catching box. The front, back and sides are plastered with information on what is included in the box and an informative layout of the inside of the case.

After removing the Enforcer from its box, we get a close look at the design and layout of this midtower case. The Enforcer has an all black theme and a mostly tool free design. The chassis is made of SECC Steel and ABS Plastic. The front door is a bit flimsy, so if you do choose this case, we suggest that you do not try and play tug-of-war with the front door. You will most likely rip it off. The side panel opposite of the window is secured in place with traditional screws and not thumb screws as is with the windowed side. We would like to think that using two more thumb screws would not affect the overall price of this case. The front IO panel, which is located at the top front of the case, includes support for USB 3.0 devices, as long as your motherboard supports it.

The rear of the case shows support for up to 7 PCIe/PCI devices via the expansion slots. Two holes for tubing lead into/out of the case in support of water cooling. The accessories package includes a dual radiator mounting bracket for easier installation. Cooler Master has also included a USB cable locking system to help keep your peripherals secure while away from your PC. The bottom of the case is typical and includes a filter for the PSU intake. Support for up to 230mm fans is included via the mount on the top of the case.

With the backside panel removed you can see an extra deep gap between the motherboard tray and where the side panel mounts the case. This is a nice inclusion as it allows for more room to cram those extra PSU/wiring cables out of sight. We are very glad to see that the hole providing access to the back of the motherboard for CPU mounting is now large enough to accommodate virtually all socket types to include the s1366 Foxconn BloodRAGE used in this build out. Due to the larger hole, installation and removal of CPU air and water coolers is much less time consuming since you do not need to remove the motherboard from the case.

The removable hard drive cage can be rotated to allow for multiple configurations of your HDD/SSD setup. Cooler Master provides adapters to mount 3.5″ HDD without the use of screws. The 2.5″ hard drive cage is located just in front of the PSU. You can remove this cage via the two screws holding it in place. There is room for 3 2.5″ devices, two underneath and one on top. If you require more room for, say, a water pump, the 2.5″ cage can be left out of the case. The Red LED lite, 230mm front intake fan provides adequate cooling for the hard drive cages.


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