Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse Review

9.5 Overall Score
Usability: 9/10
Performance: 10/10
Gamability: 10/10

The mouse buttons were on the right side of the mouse

The mouse is for left handed people.

Before we get into our impressions of the Razer Mamba, let’s recap on the three major mouse grips: The Palm Grip, The Claw Grip and The Fingertip Grip. Each grip is distinctly different from one another and each one has advantages and disadvantages. We will talk more about the pros and cons of each in the show down article. For now, we want to go over what distinguishes one grip from the others. The Palm Grip is when a user rests his or her entire palm on the surface of the mouse including the full lenght of the fingers. This type of grip is mostly benefited from an ergonomicly designed mouse. The Claw Grip is similar but uses six points of contact. The five (5) fingertips are positioned on the mouse along with the pit of the palm. The Fingertip Grip is similar to the Claw Grip in the fact that the fingertips are used but the pit of the palm does not rest on the mouse. It either rests behind the mouse on the mouse pad or hovers just above the back of the mouse.

The Razer Mamba is best suited for palm or claw grip users. The ergonomic shape allows for comfortable placement of the pit of the palm when using the claw grip. The fingertip grip can be used as well, but is most benefited from users with larger hands or longer fingers. There are no weights included with this mouse and the only additional weight you can add is by using the battery. The Mamba glides effortlessly on hard to medium hard surfaces and moves smoothly on softer, thicker mousing surfaces as well. One issue we do have with the Mamba is the teflon pads on the bottom of the mouse. They wear out way too easy and need to be replaced often when using a hard mouse pad like the Razer Destructor.

The left and right mouse buttons are very responsive to ingame usage. The slight concave shape of these two buttons allows for easy recognition of where your fingers are on the mouse. The benefit from this design has to do with the placement of the DPI selector buttons located adjacent to the left mouse button and forward on the mouse. These two buttons are small but easily distinguishable from the left mouse button. The page forward and backward buttons located on the left of the mouse are easy to reach while using all three major grip styles. When using the palm grip, your pinky will rest on the mouse pad instead of on the mouse which can cause drag in some instances. You can easily adjust your palm grip to place the pinky finger on the right side of the mouse, but if you are not paying attention to it all the time, it can fall off and rest on the mouse pad.

We used three different mousing surfaces while gaming in Unreal Tournament 3 for our impression testing. The Razer Destructor, Razer Goliathus and CM Storm CS-X Battle Pad DP all proved to be excellent mouse pads for the Mamba. You will benefit the most from a hard to medium hard mouse pad like the Razer Destructor if you are a high sensitivity gamer. Thicker and softer mousepads like the Battle Pad or Goliathus will work for both types of sensitivity uses but are better suited for low sensitivity gamers. The 3.5G Laser sensor used in the Mamba responds well to 180 degree turns in FPS(first person shooter) games and is highly accurate.

If being used wirelessly, you must always remember to reseat the Mamba on the docking station to insure a continuous charge. If when saving information to the Razer Synapse seems to take forever or you are getting an unresponsive mouse at first system startup, then make sure to update the Mamba’s firmware to the latest available. This will most likely eliminate any issues you are having.


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