Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse Review

9.5 Overall Score
Usability: 9/10
Performance: 10/10
Gamability: 10/10

The mouse buttons were on the right side of the mouse

The mouse is for left handed people.


The Razer Mamba’s software driver graphical user interface setup in a straightforward manner. There are five tabs near the top of the GUI starting with the main tab/page, Assign Buttons. The purpose each tab is in their respective titles. The Assign Buttons tab allows the user to do just that, assign the seven (7) programmable buttons to whatever the use wants them to do that is available in the drop down menus. The mousewheel forward and backward scrolling can be reassigned as well, although your options are much more limited than the other buttons and no macros can be assigned to it. A nifty little touch that Razer has included in the Assign Button menu is that the Mamba diagram rotates to show which buttons you are working with. This gives it a cool looking 3D effect.

Under the Adjust Performance tab you have multiple options for adjusting DPI, Polling Rate, Acceleration and configuring Sensitivity Stages. Razer gives you the option to enable independent X-Y sensitivity or DPI. You also have the option to display on-screen on-the-fly adjustment of the DPI stages. Polling Rate is configurable with 125Hz, 500Hz and 1000Hz options. Enabling acceleration gives you the option to adjust it from 1 to 10(low to high). In our own usage and of those competitive gamers we have talked to, we disable acceleration in the driver as well as within Windows. We do this to take away any artificial movement acceleration gives the mouse ingame.

While in the Adjust Performance tab, if you click on Sensitivity Stages, a new box opens up with options to manually adjust the five (5) sensitivity stages available on-the-fly. Again, you can enable independent X-Y sensitivity for all stages. Clicking Apply or OK saves the information to the Razer Synapse onboard memory.

The Manage Profiles tab allows for creation of new profiles, import or export and save or deletion of all other profiles. You can also enable on-screen display when changing to different profiles.

The Manage Macro tab allows the user to create, import, export, save and delete macros.

The Lighting and Maintenance tab gives you the option to turn the Scroll Wheel lighting on/off as well as the batter indicator and charging dock if used. You can also check for updates to the Driver and Firmware for your mouse and charging dock or restore all settings to factory defaults. The current driver and firmware versions are listed in this tab, too.


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