Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse Review

9.5 Overall Score
Usability: 9/10
Performance: 10/10
Gamability: 10/10

The mouse buttons were on the right side of the mouse

The mouse is for left handed people.

The Razer Mamba, named after the deadly Black Mamba snake, is an expensive gaming mouse.  Being the top dog from Razer carries a hefty price tag, $129.99 at most online and instore shops.  Although expensive, the Mamba is top quality where material and construction are concerned.  Very little information can be found on who actually makes the laser sensor used in the Mamba.  We do know that it is referred to as the 5600DPI Razer Precision™ 3.5G Laser sensor.  From the specifications we found on Razer’s website, the Mamba is capable of  200 inches per second and 50g acceleration.  It uses 1000Hz ultrapolling for 1ms response rate between mouse and computer.  The Mamba has seven (7) fully programmable buttons.  Included in the high price is the ability to use the Mamba wired or wireless and Razer includes a battery and docking station.  The Razer Synapse onboard memory chip allows for storage of gaming profiles, macros but not scripts.  There is on-the-fly DPI switching with the touch of a button and the mouse wheel is illuminated with a blue LED.  According to Razer, battery life is up to 14hrs for continuous gaming and 72 hours of normal gaming usage.  There is no idication of the actual weight of the Mamba, but our estimates put it around 160-170 grams excluding the battery.

Give credit where credit is due.  Razer knows how to package an expensive mouse.  The soft curves and elegant design make the Mamba one of the most attractive mice we’ve seen.  Lefties may be thinking that the Mamba is ambidextrous, but we are sadden to report that it is not.  The docking station seconds as a sweet looking mouse stand even if you are using it wired.  The pure sex appeal of the Razer Mamba would suggest superior performance compared to any other mouse, but we’ll get to that in the showdown.

Given the gamers experience and attention to detail that Razer has, we expect great things from any product they release.  Eventhough the Mamba is not new, it still is their flagship mouse.  Keeping these things in mind, we continue our review with the software interface on the next page.


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