QNAP TS-431X Diskless NAS

9.5 Overall Score


This is a pretty quick review, as we’ve already covered the OS side of things in the TVS-1282 review we did a year or so ago.  I wanted to test the speed from my TVS-1282, and this TS-431X.  I tried with the 1Gbps link, and was able to max out that link.  So I decided to plug in the 10G SFP+ adapter, and I only had 1 10G SFP+ module. One for a Mellanox card that I have.

I have to admit, I did not believe just any random 10G SFP+ module would work in this, but it appears that QNAP doesn’t care, which is awesome.  The 10G link came up and worked like a champ.  The downside is we were doing some RAID Scrubbing during the test, and we were able to hit 155Mbyte/sec, which isn’t BAD,  I just expected a little more from it.  We did not try any read tests on it quite yet.  So we just wanted to try Writing tests.

Disk manager is easy to use, and allows you to upgrade from smaller drives, to larger devices.  My TVS-1282 started off with 1TB Drives, and I went with these 4TB drives, and later on 8TB HGST HE8’s. Not having to migrate data from this NAS to replace it makes things VERY VERY nice.  The only caveat, is your volume will only be as big as your smaller drives times the amount of drives you have.  RAID 5 takes 1 drive for parity.  RAID 6 takes 2 drives for Parity. So in a 4 drive enclosure, you lose half the space in a RAID 6, versus 1 drive in a RAID 5.  You can lose 1 drive with RAID 5 and have an ok, rebuilding, but RAID 6 allows for 2 drives loss and the ability to recover.

Over all, the unit is pretty nice, and very quiet..  It allows for you to mount it securely to the wall, and most importantly, allows you to access your files from ANYWHERE in the world, and gives you the flexibility of using it for Surveillance storage with a very nice application, or something like Plex Media Center, or maybe some Docker/LXC containers.  What else do you need?

While it is not as powerful as my TVS-1282, it does give a nice way of helping people that have the need, and maybe not as deep of pockets as others, or businesses.  What else could you ask for?



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