QNAP TS-431X Diskless NAS

9.5 Overall Score


Now I know I went over this in my last review of the TVS-1282.  But I wanted there to be a common theme here.  While this is a cheaper box than the TVS-1282.  You don’t lose the super easy setup of the machine, or anything else.  This is a VERY VERY simple process, and over all is very quick and easy to setup, configure, and add more applications to.

So when you first plug in your NAS, you run a program called QFinder which you download from QNAP’s website.  This will tell you what IP address, and help you with the initial startup of the NAS itself.  So once you load QFinder, a screen pops up that says, “There is a NAS on your network that is not setup.  Do you want to set it up now?”.  Simply answer yes, and it pulls up this web page.

Second screen asks for a NAS name, and an admin password.  Important to remember this password.  Click Next

Pretty self explanatory.  Choose your time zone, and if you want it to sync up with Internet time servers, or maybe you run your own.  I just select my time zone, and allow it to sync with pool.ntp.org.

I always recommend you using a static IP address outside of your DHCP pool,  but less experienced users can use just DHCP, which allows your router/gateway to assign an IP range to this machine.

This screen you get to pick what OS you run, and what services you want started on this device.  Every OS uses a different way of accessing files.  So important to pay attention to what you’re running.

Next page shows sort of what you want to see.  These are the drives we have installed, and we can choose what sort of Raid array we want to create.  Pretty easy.

Summary screen of what we just went thru.

It takes some time to format hard drives and everything in this device.  I think to format all 3 4TB drives we were looking at around 1 hour or so.

After the drives are done, another screen pops up, and says its going to reboot in X seconds.

This really concludes the setup of the device.  When it reboots, you can log into the device via the IP you assigned, or the IP that the device was assigned.


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