PC Design Lab Qv2E SFF Case

9 Overall Score
Build Quality: 10/10
Layout: 9/10
Price: 8/10

Extremely well built case.

The price is high enough to make you cringe.


All is not perfect with the Qv2E. The top cover is a bit awkward at first to get on and off, but after awhile it’s no big deal. Water cooling folks will have some issues with the fact that the top cover is one piece and access to the inside of the case with it on is extremely limited. We would like to point out that PC Design Lab is working to provide a radiator mount for the next revision of the Qv2. That will make water cooling this case much easier. We have to remember that the majority of PC builders use air and it makes perfect sense to cater to the needs of the masses. PC Design Lab takes their users feedback to heart and adjusts the design of their products based on what the consumer is looking for in a case.

The outer appearance of the Qv2E may not appeal to some, but we can not say very many negatives about this case. The price might be out of some builder’s budget, but you do pay for what you get. Xtreme CPU would like to thank Dave LaLopa and the rest of the PC Design Lab crew for giving us a golden opportunity to review a first class case. We are also working on a mod for this case. A thread in our forums will be posted with information on the mod and the progress. Be sure to check out PC Design Lab’s website where you can order the Qv2E. You can now customize the case with a multitude of powder coat finishes available through PC Design Lab.


Product Page


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