PC Design Lab Qv2E SFF Case

9 Overall Score
Build Quality: 10/10
Layout: 9/10
Price: 8/10

Extremely well built case.

The price is high enough to make you cringe.

The most exciting part of most reviews is the results section. Today’s results are no exception. The Qv2E was very impressive at keeping the three hot GPU’s and the very hot Core i7 Extreme 975 at decent levels. We went all out on our results with regards to the CPU testing. Stock temps are not included because the temps we got at 4.2GHz are very impressive. The GPU temps were kept tame as well, considering we used some hot GPU’s to put the Qv2E to the test.

The results you see below were taken with an ambient room temperature of 23C. We used two Scythe Ultra Kaze 3000 RPM fans, one mounted on the TRUE 120 and one on the back of the case in the available spot. From the BIOS on the MSI X58M we set the fans to run as close to full speed as possible. These fans do get loud at full bore, but running a Core i7 processor at 4.2GHz throws out a lot of heat. The 4870 X2 and 4870 fans were left to run at default settings.

[img]gpu temps.jpg[/img]

Looking over the GPU temps first, we see that the Qv2E is able to keep the temps at normal operating temperatures during a torturous Furmark benching test. The Furmark bench test only lasts 60 seconds, but the results are within what we were seeing during our few weeks of gaming with this case.

The most exciting part of our testing in this review was with the CPU. Core i7 processors pump out a lot of heat, but today’s heatsinks are more than capable of keeping them cool, even when highly overclocked.

[img]cpu temps.jpg[/img]

As you may or may not recall from our Silverstone SG03 review, we were not able to push the CPU any higher than around 3.2GHz. The main limiting factor in that case is the use of a stock heatsink, or a low profile one that is severely limited by its size. Since the Qv2E can fit a TRUE 120 inside, it is no surprise that we were able to run the i7 975 at 4.2GHz. You can see above that after 15 minutes of Prime 95, it gets toasty, but the fact that we can even overclock that high in an SFF case on air is out of this world. This case is hands down the best available for SFF builds and overclocking geeks like all of us here at Xtreme CPU. The Qv2E has support for four additional 120mm fans. That puts a total of five fans inside to help keep those temps down even more than we have seen in our testing.


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