PC Design Lab Qv2E SFF Case

9 Overall Score
Build Quality: 10/10
Layout: 9/10
Price: 8/10

Extremely well built case.

The price is high enough to make you cringe.


Small Form Factor.

DFI, ASUS, MSI and now eVGA have all hopped on the mATX bandwagon.  It seems that one of the biggest trends these days is to make the smallest, most powerful motherboards available.  Cramming all that is necessary to have a working X58 mobo on a board that fits the mATX form factor is an impressive feat.  It wasn’t long ago that SLI and Crossfire could only be found on mATX boards in proprietary systems tailored to a specific company.  Now we have a handful of excellent choices that include both multi gpu technologies on a single board.

Our first system review of an SFF case and X58 mATX motherboard consisted of a Silverstone SG03 case and ASUS’ Rampage II Gene motherboard.  You can find the review here.  One of the limiting factors when working with an SFF case is room.  In the SG03 we were severely limited in CPU cooler choice due to the lack of room between the power supply and the motherboard.  The cramped space in that area would only allow us to use a low profile heatsink.  That also prohibited us from overclocking the system.

Enter PC Design Lab…

PCDLAB is a small company based out of Penfield, NY.  They specialize in small, powerful, cool and quiet computer systems and have extensive knowledge of the small form factor market.  We contacted them about their Qv2E case because one of our forum members had owned a Qv2 case and absolutely loved it.  What interested us most about this case is the fact that it has support for a TRUE 120 and still falls within the small form factor target market.  Well, after hearing that, we needed one to review and Dave LaLopa, owner and founder of PC Design Lab, was kind enough to send one our way.


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