Patriot Box Office Home Media Player

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The Patriot Box Office comes in a small, square package. The outside is full of information on compatibility, file types supported and other specifications a user might want to know. The Patriot Wifi adapter, which supports b/g wireless networking, can be purchased along with the Box Office for wireless connectivity. We do recommend using a wired network for HD streaming as it provides faster bandwidth for higher quality playback.


The actual unit is protected well inside the retail box. It is rare, these days, to find a product that is not protected well enough considering how much time they spend traveling. Underneath the Box Office is a box full of accessories.

Patriot includes all you need to control and hook up the Box Office to your entertainment center. You get a remote control, power adapter, component audio/video cables, a USB cable, the Quick Start Guide, User CD and an HDMI cable. Batteries are included for the remote. One additional cable we would have liked to see is an optical audio cable. HDMI is great to hook up directly to the TV, but superior audio is best when the device is connected directly to the receiver.

The unit is very small. It will fit practically anywhere you want or need to put it. The front of the Box Office has a single USB port and multiple indicator lights for power and connectivity. The rear I/O panel has options for component audio/video, S/PDIF in the form of an optical cable, HDMI, Mini USB and USB, Ethernet and power ports.

In order to install a 2.5″ SATA drive you need to remove two screws on the back of the Box Office. Once opened up, you can see where the 2.5″ HDD/SSD would sit. We did not have one on hand to test, but plan to update our review when we do get a hold of one. The backside of the unit is very plain.

Underneath the 2.5″ SATA drive bay, we get a clear look at the mainboard. The Hynix NAND flash memory on the board is rated at 2GB for storage of the operating system and other system files. NANYA is used for system memory and it looks like there is 64MB of RAM onboard. We can not be 100% sure on this, so take it with a grain of salt. Underneath the heatsink is where you will find the processor and video/audio decoder.

Up next, we will take a look at Specifications, setup and what we thought about the unit after using it for two weeks.


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