OrigenAE M10 Extreme Mini ITX Case

8.3 Overall Score
Build Quality: 10/10
Case Design: 7/10
Price: 8/10

One all aluminum piece

Support for only on HDD/SSD

In concluding this review, there a few points we need to go over. First is cost. While this all aluminum unit from OrigenAE can be had for $229, it is rather steep. Questions concerning other case selections are sure to be made, even when there is a lookalike case from Wesena that comes in at a fraction of the cost. The Wesena HTPC-ITX7-v3-Black is available for $96 and can be configured with two hard drives/ssds without modification. So, the question then becomes, why is the OrigenAE M10 so much more money?

The answer is in quality of craftsmanship.  It seems to us that the Wesena unit is a cheaper lookalike product.  The OrigenAE has a very nice brushed aluminum finish.  The power button is of much higher quality.  The face of the M10 is clean and clear of inputs, unlike the Wesena case.  That last point may be of personal taste, but considering that this unit is an HTPC designed for looks, it makes sense, to us, that a simple and sleek front face is better.  The OrigenAE unit has a cut out for an LCD display which adds functionality to it, but is not really needed.  Even without the LCD, the acrylic on the front gives the appearance of a high quality case.

The Wesena case has no ventilation on the top of the unit.  While this maybe a moot point, we think that with higher end components, more airflow is better.  Keep in mind that the Wesena ITX7 v3 does not come with the external power adapter.  That does add up to $85 to it, making the OrigenAE M10 a more attractive option from a price point perspective.

Pundits will cry and gripe about the cost saying things like, “I can build it for half the cost!”.  That is fine, but remember that this case wasn’t built for everyone.  And if Apple has taught us anything, it’s that people are willing to buy more expensive hardware, especially when quality is above and beyond the rest of the competition.  The OrigenAE M10 is nothing but quality.  The lack of support for more than one HDD/SSD is the only downside to this unit that we can see.  Yes, price is up there, but like we’ve just said, you pay for what you get.

We would like to thank www.shop.perfecthometheater.com for supplying us with a review unit.

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