OrigenAE M10 Extreme Mini ITX Case

8.3 Overall Score
Build Quality: 10/10
Case Design: 7/10
Price: 8/10

One all aluminum piece

Support for only on HDD/SSD

When assembling the case, we chose the following list of components to use.

  • AMD A10 5800K APU
  • Intel SSD 520 120GB
  • ASRock FM2A85X-ITX Motherboard
  • G.Skill DDR3 1600MHz 2 x 4GB
  • 320GB Samsung HDDcomponents

Pictured is a Zotac GTX 650 graphics card, but it was not used in the final build.  The combination of the A10 5800K and the Zotac GPU was too much for the PSU.  It was our original thinking to make a suitable gaming HTPC, but the Radeon HD 7660D will have to suffice as our graphics processor for the build.

Packing all the components into a tiny case is certainly a challenge.  Below is the result with the GTX 650 installed.  You can see how cramped it is for the SSD and the graphics card.  However, the SSD is blocking air flow for the GPU increasing heat concerns.


After initial testing, it was apparent that the GTX 650, in combination with the rest of the AMD system, would be too much for the power distribution board.  The secondary HDD was placed where the LCD screen would normally be, not ideal, but it worked for this instance without any modifications needed to the internals.

You may notice that there is no optical drive.  The problem here was finding one that was compatible with this newer version of the OrgienAE M10 chassis.  The eject button, on previous versions, was located on the left of the slot on the front of the case.  In this revision, it was moved over more towards the right side, when looking directly at the front.  All places searched had Blu Ray units with the older style eject buttons, or the right button, but not a slot loading player.  Eventually we will find one and update some photos for this review, but as it is now, there is not an optical drive in it.

This shot shows the I/O panel with the motherboard installed and the GTX 650.



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