OrigenAE M10 Extreme Mini ITX Case

8.3 Overall Score
Build Quality: 10/10
Case Design: 7/10
Price: 8/10

One all aluminum piece

Support for only on HDD/SSD

Removing the case from the packing material, the brushed aluminum all black M10 is a sleek micro ITX design. The 5mm thick aluminum used in construction of this chassis gives it a rigid feel while also providing excellent cooling for the hardware that goes inside.


The included 150W external power adapter provides the power needed for electricity sipping components.  It is highly recommended that you do not exceed the limits of this power adapter, as you may damage the power distribution board located inside the case.

The front of the M10 is simple, with on slot for the slot loading DVD/Blu Ray player, a power button with small LED light, the optical drive eject button and a spot for an LCD.  The model we are reviewing does not come with an LCD display, but rather a piece of acrylic that is used to cover the whole.  The LCD unit runs and additional $90 and includes a remote.


The bottom of the M10 has ventilation for internal components, as well as attractive case feet and four screws which hold the top case cover in place.


The next two pictures show the side and back of the case.  From the side picture you can get a sense of how thick the aluminum is on this unit.  Ventilation holes are placed near the front and rear of the case.  The right side rear vent has a small 60mm fan to bring air into the chassis.  There is on low profile expansion slot that can be used for GPUs or other add-in cards like a cable card reader.  The external power adapter plugs in the rear of the case, while vent holes above the I/O shield allow air to enter or exit the case depending on the configuration inside.

case_side01 case_back

Internally, space is cramped, which is typical of mini ITX cases.  The optical drive bay has space for the Blu Ray or DVD drive you are going to use, but nothing else.  It would have been a nice feature to include screw holes to hold an additional 2.5″ drive.  The only spot available for an internal drive is located on the left side of the case near the back.  There are four screw holes that allow you to mount the SSD or HDD over the vent holes.  This spot is useful, but if you were to install a thick GPU, there would be little to no room for the drive to mount.



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