Nvidia RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition

8 Overall Score
Price Point: 4/10
Performance: 10/10
Ease of use: 9/10

It is faster than its predecessor | Your friends cannot afford one

Very costly for the amount of performance it brings


We’ve done the testing, and played around with it for a good week or two now.

The card is a good performance increase over the GTX 1080Ti Founder’s Edition.  But I am honestly unsure if it is worth the price tag that Nvidia has presented.  We are working on securing a second RTX 2080Ti FE, and another GTX 1080Ti FE card.  I think truth in the pudding would be seeing how these cards scale with two cards in SLI.

In some tests, we are seeing huge gains(up to 2x), while other tests we are seeing 30% increases in performance, and yet in other tests, we see very minimal increases.  To get the most bang for your buck, you really need to be running something higher than 1080P.  At 1920×1080 everything seems to be very CPU limited and doesn’t use as much of the GPU at those resolutions.

Now down to the nitty and gritty.  This card likes to be cooler.  We’ve noticed a lot of lockups when the card reaches above 70C, which indicates that proper cooling may cause this card to do even better. There are a bunch of companies out there that are offering upgraded cooling over the FE cards.  So this would be helpful.  We will be doing tests with this on water cooling to see if performance gets better with the card running cooler.  We also will be testing NV Link on 2 2080Ti’s, and SLI with 2 1080Ti’s.  Both Founders Editions.  We want to see how well things scale.

At this time, We are really unsure if this card is worth 2 times the cost for as low as a 13% increase in performance. and in some cases 1% (If your running 1080P).  In our tests, we maxed everything out on settings.  So in all of our 4K, 1440P, and 1080P numbers the graphics setttings have been maxed.

Thanks for viewing!


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One Comment on "Nvidia RTX 2080Ti Founders Edition"

  1. Kizi Mizi June 4, 2020 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    As a owner of a 1080ti with a 1440p monitor, I think I can safely skip this generation of cards, then.

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