Mad Catz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse

9.7 Overall Score
Build Quality: 10/10
Gaming: 10/10
Price: 9/10

Adjustable to fit nearly every grip and hand size, tracking sensor is top notch!

Lefties are left out, price may scare some away.

Specifications and technical exploration

Cyborg briefly lists the top technical specifications most users look for in a gaming mouse. We will take this list and explore each specification giving our findings during our testing of the R.A.T. 7. The testing scenario includes gaming in a first person shooter known as Unreal Tournament 3 and tesing how the mouse moves on different gaming mouse pads. The three mouse pads we tested with are the Razer Destructor and Goliathus and the Cooler Master Storm CS-X Battlepad DP. The Razer Destructor is a hard surface that is somewhat pliable and provides a quick mousing surface with excellent precision. The Razer Goliathus is a thick, soft mouse pad with a semi rough surface used to provide suprerior precision but does not let the mouse glide as with the Destructor. The CM Battlepad DP is a thick, soft mouse pad with a very smooth surface allowing pinpoint accuracy and semi quick mouse movements.

In our testing of the accuracy and reliabity of the R.A.T. 7, we used the sniper rifle in UT3 standing still while hitting stationary and moving targets as well as moving while hitting stationary and moving targets. We also tested the mouse with advanced map movements such as wall dodges and quick 180 degree turns.

Look at the tech specs, we will start with the DPI information. The R.A.T. 7 uses the latest iteration of the Philips Twin Doppler laser sensor. The same one found in the Cooler Master Sentinel. This sensor allows for DPI adjustments in 25DPI increments from 25-5600. The acceleration max of 50g allows for very quick mouse movements without loss of tracking or accuracy. The R.A.T. 7 uses a dynamic polling rate that goes up to 1000Hz which yields a 1ms response time. Tracking speeds are rated up to 6meters/second. The PTFE “Slick” Feet allow the mouse to glide on hard mousing surfaces and provide easy movement on softer ones as well.

In our testing we found that the R.A.T. 7 provides quick and accurate 180 degree turns, allows for pinpoint accuracy during our sniping movements and easily handles all our advanced movement techniques. What the tech specs do not list is that since this is the Philips Twin Doppler laser sensor, we get reliable accuracy within a 1mm liftoff distance. If you lift up the mouse and set it back down do to low sensitivity settings, the mouse does not lose tracking nor accuracy.

Before we move on to the next section, we need to talk about the Precision Aim botton located on the left side of the mouse. This button, when pressed, adjusts to the sensitivity set in the driver control panel. Depending on your play style, it can increase or decrease sensitivity while pressed to make those critical shots while in the heat of combat. We found that this button was best used for long distance sniper shots for a covered and concealed position.

The R.A.T. 7 comes with a braided USB cord and a gold plated USB connector. In our next section we will be covering user customizations.

We have read other reviews on the net talking about tracking issues while lifting and replacing the mouse on the mouse pad. In our testing, we experience no such issues when using all three of the mouse pads tested, nor did we find issues on the wood veneer surface of our desk. We’d like to make a comment that if you are a gamer who purchases this mouse, be sure to by an appropriate gaming mouse pad as well. There is no logic in spending money on a mouse designed for gaming and using it on a carpet or other non-gaming grade mouse pad. And, we’d like to comment on the Z-Axis defect being mentioned around the web about the Philips Twin-eye laser. There is a slight, and we mean very slight, movement down and to the right if you lift the mouse and place it back down. Users with very low sensitivity settings maybe affected by this, but in terms of credible affects during gameplay, we found none.


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