LITE-ON eTAU208 slim external DVDRW

Overall Score

Our testing focused on the following categories:

Video Quality:

We did not expect much from the combination of the LITE-ON eTAU208 drive and our netbook. To our surprise, video quality was as good as it gets with a DVD movie. There were no jitters, no image breakups and overall playback performance was great.

Audio Quality:

During the playback audio performed as expected for this setup. Audio playback on the the netbook features a two speaker designer and lacks any capability for surround sound quality audio.

Write/Read performance:

In order to formulate an idea on how well this external drive performs in write and read scenarios, we created a baseline testing method. This method included two other drives from LG. One was an LG Super Multi DVD writer, model number GH22NS30, the other was a Blu Ray ROM drive whose model number is WH08LS20K. All three drives were connected to an X58 Intel 920 based machine with the following hardware and configuration:

  • Foxconn BloodRAGE motherboard
  • 6GB DDR3 1600 memory
  • 2 OCZ Vertex 120GB SSDs in RAID 0
  • Radeon HD 5850
  • Intel Core i7 920 D0

We used a 600MB generic file to test the capabilities of each drive. The results you see above seem pretty one-sided, as in, the LG drives dominate the LITE-ON eTUA208. It must be noted that the LG drives have higher write speeds of 16x compared to the LITE-ON’s 8x performance max. In read times, we see that the eTUA208 external drive hangs in with the other two full size internal optical drives. You can see the read performance measured in MB/s below.


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