Jay2Cents and Primochill Vue

6 Overall Score

Final Thoughts

I am personally not very impressed with the clog’age I got while using Primochill Vue.  After seeing the results that Jay got, I simply did not experience this.  Maybe it had to do with the fluid he used, versus what I used…  I honestly have no idea.  If I would have seen what I saw tearing this system down, I wouldn’t have purchased more Vue.

After getting my machine built up, I really like the visual aspect of the fluid.  Hands down is very cool stuff,

You have to admit it looks pretty cool,  especially with the movement of it, as its coursing through your system.

Over all.  The fluid visually looks great.  The maintenance on it is a lot higher than normal fluid with anti algae/corrosives in it.  I’ve gone 2+ years without changing fluid in those setups,  With Primochill Vue, you really need to look at changing your fluid, and cleaning your blocks on a very regular basis.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate.


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