Jay2Cents and Primochill Vue

6 Overall Score


I was honestly pretty excited to get things pulled apart, because of Jay’s experience with this stuff…  I was thinking to myself…  This is going to be awesome!  I get to pull this all apart, and boy it would be nice to see nice shiny copper, and nickle plated water blocks.  Unfortunately, thats not what I found.

Boy this doesn’t look super promising….

Yeah…  I did not expect to see this…

Pretty much stained the plexi completely…

After scrubbing, and withing with a nylon brush, I was able to get a majority of it off,  however you can still see a border around where the rubber gasket was.

The Nickle plating cleaned up fairly well,  no huge problems there at all.  I am very happy for that.

Breaking open the CPU block, I noticed the same thing…  Very dirty, and signs of oxidization.

Top of the water block is stained like nobodies business as well.  Luckily I had a replacement for it.  So not huge deal.

Cleaned up fairly nice with a nylon brush..  Again happy for that.


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