Jay2Cents and Primochill Vue

6 Overall Score

Primochill has been around for quite some time now.  I believe their business started around the beginning of 2002.  I like to watch YouTube just as much as anybody else out there.  I frequent Jay2Cents, and a few others.  I like Jay’s videos,  He does a pretty good job with things over all.  (Not trying to attack you).  Now in the video I am referring to, where he sort of reviewed PrimoChill’s new VUE coolant.  It’s pretty awesome stuff, and short of has this movement to it, almost looks thick, but its not very thick at all.

None the less after Jay’s break down of a rig running it for awhile. A statement was made, that there were not deposits, and the blocks actually looked cleaner than before.

I normally just run maybe a small amount of dye, or just distilled with some anti corrosive additives.

Now to set the stage.  I trust Jay, so I didn’t think much of it at all.  But I was sort of getting bored with my main rig, so I decided to flush things, and change the color.  I also purchased some high static pressure fans, that are RGB, so if I do want to switch again in the future, I can do that.  I also purchased an i7-8086k that I had to toss in replacing the i7-8700k I had in there.  8086 was my first computer, so I had some nostalgia there.


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